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30 December 2013 @ 09:19 am
Saigo no Love Song  
Title: Saigo no Love Song
Pairing: Pikame, Akame
Rating: pg-13
Genre: Romance
Warnings: None, really.
Summary: Yamapi loves Kazuya, and he also loves the way Kazuya smiles. Needless to say, he would do anything and everything to keep that pretty smile on Kazuya's face...
Time Period: I'm gonna say about 2011-ish? I'm aiming for that period a while after Jin left the group and slightly before Yamapi's Super Good Super Bad album came out (at the time of the recording, to be exact.) I'm guessing it's 2011, but do correct me if I'm wrong! Dates, times, and places escape me :(
Author's Note: This is actually a translated version of my own fiction which I have written sometime ago in Thai (If you're Thai, and you stumbled upon this, you've probably read it in my FC2 or exteen blog already). Since I translated it myself I hope everything makes sense and I can somehow get my point across. But of course, the wordings aren't exact, and they may seems a bit weird, but I've tried my best working with it and hopefully making it as close to the original and also making as much sense as possible. Please enjoy!

No one knew that that song didn't belong to Yamapi...
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