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27 May 2014 @ 01:10 pm
Stupid Dreams  
Title: Stupid Dreams
Pairing : PiKame
Genre: Slash/Romance/Mystery
Rating : NC-17
 A/N: This for Amigo exchange 2013 I don't know what happen it the exchange didn't get through so I post it on this journal I hope you love it.

Summary: Kame having weird dreams regarding Yamapi and he could not pin point what is it all about.

The Dreamboys is starting and Kame was tired coming from the set. He immediately goes to the bathroom and has a quick shower and eagerly goes to bed.

When he slip on the mattress he immediately fall a sleep.

“What on Earth is this?”Kame as he put some trash in his truck.  He was on Mars collecting some garbage.

When he is finish he droves his truck as his last stop was the Precinct that his best friend working as the Sheriff.  His mood go down more than expected as he see his best friend on the office just seating there in the cold and comfortable office.  Not wearing protective suit that was hot and putting garbage in some trunk.

His eyes wide when he saw Yamapi was waving at him and wanting him to come in his office.  He gesture that he have worked to do but Yamapi is the pain in the ass that would not let him. So he come to the other one office, taking off his helmet as soon as he take of the protective gear the other one pinned him in the wall and he felt the other one lips on his own.

“What the hell!” Kame said but the other one just kiss him up again, as the other one grabs his wrist.

The other one lips is teasing him liking the his lips seeking entrance, he felt that Yamapi put his arm together with one hand as he felt the other hand in his waist tugging his shirt out of his pants and pinch the skin that was free.

Kame open his mouth as he felt the pain that cause by the pinch that make way for Yamapi tongue to enter his mouth and make a playful play on his tongue, teasing him to play with him.

“What do you think your doing?” Kame breathes heavily when Yamapi let his lips free.

“What should I do long time ago.” Yamapi said as he carried Kame at the table and started to undress the other guy.

Kame can’t think straight the pleasure is over powering him and he want more from what it came from.

Kame opens his eyes as he heard that loud ring on.  He was dazed of what happen then he remembers his dream.

“What the hell is that?  Crazy dream” Kame said but when he get up he see his shaft was erected and still longing for his dream.  He immediately goes to the bathroom and takes some showers.


Kame reach the Kat-tun room there will be practicing for their new single to be used in some drama.  He sees Tatsuya typing on his phone, while Koki, Maru and Junno are lazing on the sofa.
“Kame, it’s nice to see you again.” Koki teases him.
“Shut up!  What time are we going to rehearse?  Why all of you are here?” Kame asked as he places his bag on his table.
“Were waiting for you, you’re late!” Junno teases him too.
“Sorry” Kame just keeping him self from blushing remembering his dreams.
They got up and walk to the rehearsing room, soon they started their routine.


It’s night again and Kame was so tired from the practice, he just has a quick shower and goes to bed as soon as he finish.

He was looking at the tower; a smile was from on this lip as he rides his friendly little dragon to the tower.  He pulls the dragon over the little window of the tower and slip in and finding the Prince was sleeping on his bed.

He immediately takes all the valuable of the Prince as he climb the window he set his eyes on the Prince and his eyes wide as he saw how the Prince look so handsome in his sleep.  He doesn’t know what his feeling he just lean down to put a kiss on the Prince.

Prince Yamapi suddenly felt a wet soft thing on his lips, as he slowly open his eyes and see that someone is kissing him.

“Who are you?”Yamapi back away as he looked scared at the man and see a dragon flying on his window.

“I’m just a thief.” Kame said then he winks at the Prince.
“A thief?” Prince Yamapi looked at the guy as a smile shown on his lips.  Kame was taken a back at that smile and back away a little as soon as he see Prince Yamapi walks toward him.

“Yes I’m a thief so I’m off now!” Kame said as he immediately goes to the window but a hand grab his wrist and pull him back.

“Not so fast thief!” Prince Yamapi said.
“Let me go!”Kame said as he wiggles his hand for the tight grip
“I said not so fast.  Did you know how long I been here in this tower?” Prince Yamapi said
I don’t know and I don’t want to know.  Let me go!” Kame said but he was stunned when Prince Yamapi pulls him closer and throws him at the bed.
“I have been here for two years already and I can’t get down from this tower.  My father forbids me. You know why?” Prince Yamapi said with a grin as he hovers to Kame body.
“I been naughty and horny, he didn’t want me to have sex with the entire Kingdom.  And now I have you to fill my fantasy so….You…will stay here for eternally with me.” Prince Yamapi said as he kisses Kame on the lips.

Hands roaming on the others body tearing those damn clothes. Kame can’t speak with those lips seal his lips.  The pleasure that the other hand is making him shiver in the touch.
“Ah!!!” Kame moans as he felt the Prince hand on his shaft stroking and teasing it.
“You’re skin is so soft, I love to touch it and taunting it.” Prince Yamapi said as he sucks the other neck leaving some mark on it.
Kame was so high with pleasure he did want to end it.  He felt that Prince Yamapi licks his face as he put his arm on the other one.
“Yamapi stop licking me!” Kame said but the licking doesn’t stop.

“I said stop!” Kame opens his eyes and finds Ran-chan was the one licking his face.  He groans as he sat up on his bed.

“Shit not again!” Kame put his hand on his face, angry and frustrated when he looked at his shaft that is erected early in the morning.


Kame came grampy at the practice of the Dream Boys no one greets him looking like that, everybody as staying away from him.

“Kame-sempai, are you okay?” Tamamori said worriedly.

“I’m fine” Kame said he wanted to shout at Tamamori but he bit his lips to stop himself.

“You don’t look good.  The director said that we will pack up early today so you can rest.” Tama said

“Okay” Kame just said and Tamamori started to walk away.

“Ah Tama-chan wait” Kame said as he saw Tamamori halt and stop walking.
“Yes?” Tamamori said looking at Kame.

“Do you know where… Never mind” Kame said as he got up and get his bag.

“Who are you looking for?” Tamamori said as he stops Kame from leaving.

“We’ll I’m looking for Yamapi do you know where I could find him?” Kame asked.

“I think he is in Jismuho, I heard that he have a meeting there regarding his new drama.” Tamamori quickly said.

“Sou ka? Okay I am going now. Thanks Tama-chan” Kame said as he walk again.


Kame reaches the Jismuho, his hand is sweating and he became nervous of something he didn’t know what.

“Good morning!  Have you seen Yamapi here?” Kame gives his charming smile at the receptionist.
“Yes, he was on the conference room A with his manager and Shingo-san.” The receptionist said.
“Ah, Thanks” Kame said as he walk toward Kat-tun dressing room first to put his bag.
“Kame why are you here?” Tatsuya said as he sees his younger band mates.
“The practice was cut short.” Kame said as he sigh that make Tatsuya look at him again.
“What wrong?” Tatsuya asked worriedly.
“Tat-chan I been dreaming weird dreams lately.” Kame said.
“What about these weird dreams?” Tatsuya asked.
“We’ll I… been dreaming about Yamapi….and its weird because it ending up me having sex with him and not finishing it.” Kame sighs as he slouches on the couch.
“You’re having wet dreams?” Tatsuya grinned at him.
“Yah sort of.” Kame said
“And with Yamapi?” Tatsuya asked.
“Hai.” Kame nodded.
“Are you in love with Yamapi?” Tatsuya immediately said.
“In love?.. of course not!” Kame said immediately.
“Then why are you having wet dreams with him if you’re not in love with him?” Tatsuya asked.
“I don’t know Tat-chan!.... I’m I in love with him?” Kame asked Tatsuya back.
“You have to sort it by yourself.  I heard that he is in the building.” Tatsuya said.
“I know that why I’m here I want to see him.” Kame said.
“An tell him you’re have wet dreams with him.” Tatsuya laughed teasing Kame.
“Tat-chan!!!” Kame said as he pouted.
“Hi guys! What you’re doing here?” Koki said as he find the two on the couch
“Just talking” Kame immediately said.
“Yah were just talking about Yamapi” Tatsuya teasing the younger.
“Eh?  Why are you talking about him?” Koki asked.
“I just want to talk to him about something” Kame said before Tatsuya said anything more.
“Then you better hurry I think I see him already at the parking lot.” Koki said as Kame eyes widen as he run out of the room.
“What with him?” Koki asked Tatsuya but the other just shagged him off.
Kame run as he can but he didn’t find Yamapi at the parking lot, his car was already no where to found.


Night came again; Kame as usual is tired from the practice and running finding Yamapi.  He takes his shower and lies down on his bed and immediately passes out.

He was busy drawing down on the paper, he was happy on the finish products.

“I’m good at this!” he said when someone nick his drawing from behind.

“What is this Shuji-kun?” Akira said bouncing and making the drawing higher so that Shuji can’t reach it.

“That my drawings give it back to me!”Shuji said angrily.

“This is not good Shuji-kun maybe we should destroy it.  I like the others anyway”Akira said still not giving the drawings back.
“What did you say?  You are the one who stolen all my drawing of accessories?” Shuji said as his eyebrows reach each other.
“Opps!  I slip!”Akira runs away still holding the drawing.
“Get back here!” Shuji run after Akira
He run after the other until they reach a room that no one is there. 
“I got you now!” Shuji said as his breathing heavily because of running.
“No I got you!”Akira said as he pinned Shuji at the door.
“What the fuck!” Shuji said as he felt that Akira behind him and pressing him on the door.  He felt that the other is unbuckling his belt and put his pants and his underwear with it.
“Shuji-kun, you will like this as he felt the wet lips on his neck licking it and suck the sensitive spot.
“Ah! What are you doing?” Kame moans at the ministration of the other one on his body.  “Do you love it Shuji-kun?”Akira pushes his finger on the other one hole.
“Ah! Shit! That hurt!”Shuji bits his lips as he felt the other finger on his tight hole stretching him finding this sensitive spot. As Akira other hand is tugging his shaft to the rhythm that makes him forget where they are.
“So tight! I love to do you now.  Are you ready Shuji-kun?”Akira said as he positions himself to enter.
“Do it now!” Kame said as he waited for the other shaft.

te wo tsunaidari koe wo kiitari
waraiaetara ii na
dore dake no hito to meguri aeru no darou
tasukeraretari sasaete itari
wakari aetara ii na
dore dake no kokoro to fure atte kita darou

ima no ichibyou ni kizu tsukete itami daite
ima no ichibyou ni umaretekuru imochi wo daite
ima no ichibyou ni eien wo shiru koto mo aru
bokura wa kono te wo tsunaginagara ikiterunda

Kame open his eyes grumpy, he will kill who is calling him this is the third time he have a hard on waking up.
“Hello!” Kame said
“Kame, is this is not a good time? Are you still sleeping?  It’s already nine, don’t you have work?” Yamapi said on the other line
“Yamapi?” Kame asked dumb folded
“Yah! I heard that you want to talk to me.” Yamapi said on the other line.
“Where are you now!?!” Kame asked.
“I’m in my apartment, why?” Yamapi said on the other line.
“I go there!  Give me 30 minutes! Don’t you dare move?”  Kame said as he hung ups the phone.
Kame reaches Yamapi apartment and frantically buzzer the door bell.  Yamapi open the door worried as he looked at Kame.
“Kame what’s wrong?” Yamapi said
Kame push Yamapi out of the door and come in, he immediately take of his shoes.  Drag Yamapi on his shirt.
“Where is your bedroom?” Kame said as he looked at the apartment.
“There” Yamapi pointed his bedroom still puzzled why Kame wants to know where his bedroom is.
“Come!” Kame said as he dragged Yamapi to the bedroom.
“What going on?  Don’t you have a practice today? And why are you looking for me?” Yamapi said as he looked at the younger one.
“Shut up!” Kame said as he pushes Yamapi over the bed and kisses him hungrily.
 He started to take Yamapi shirt tearing it apart as he take the other one short and reveal the other one shaft.
Yamapi is startled on what happening but he like what Kame doing to him. He moans as Kame lips moves in his neck and tasting the sensitive skin and suck it hard.
“I don’t know what happen but it’s unfair that I’m the only one naked” Yamapi said as he tries to unbuckle the other one belt.
“You’re impatient person are you?” Kame removes his shirt as Yamapi leans up and put some kisses on the other one chest.
Kame moans as he felt the other one teasing one of his nipples.  Yamapi takes off the other one pant and caress the other one side.
“Lube?” Kame asked as he bits his lips.
“Drawer” Yamapi answer as he sees Kame reach for the lube in the drawer.
“Prepare me” Kame said as he kiss the other one hard. Their tongue played together tasting each other as Yamapi coated his finger with some lube.
He slowly inserted one finger and Kame moan in his lips.  When he knows Kame already relax he slid two fingers who screech the other one tight hole.
“I’m ready” Kame said as he slowly guided Yamapi shaft on his tight hole.  Slowly entering screeching him more.
“Ah!!! So big!” Kame moan as he tries to relax before he slowly moves his ass.
“Kame!!! You’re so tight!” Yamapi hold Kame waist as he guide the other motion.
“Yes! Ah!!” Kame said as he felt the other shaft is reaching his sweet spot.  Then he felt Yamapi hand tugging his shaft as the rhythm of their move gets faster.
“Kame I can’t hold on much longer!” Yamapi said as he moans with pleasures
“Let it go!” Kame said as he also reaches his orgasms.  They both panted after their finish, Kame lay down at the side of Yamapi still high with his orgasm.
“So tell me what is this all about.” Yamapi said as he looked at the other one.
“Dreams! Stupid Dreams” Kame said as he kisses Yamapi on the lips.