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pikame's Journal

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PiKame: YamaPi x Kamenashi Kazuya
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Pikame: Yamapi x Kame Community

Who are they?

They are KAT-TUN's Kamenashi Kazuya (亀梨和也) and NEWS's Yamashita Tomohisa (山下智久) who starred in Nobuta wo Produce together as Shuji and Akira respectively. Shuji to Akira is a special temporary unit under Johnny's Entertainment from fall 2005 to winter 2006.


♥ Posts must be relevant to the comm meaning that we are here for Pikame♥, Yamapi and Kame. While we do accept Yamapi-only and Kame-only posts, please keep in mind that there are specific comms for them.

♥ Please tag appropriately. If you need a new tag, please comment here.

Lj-cut: We will only allow one picture or three icons outside a lj-cut as long as it does not exceed 400px in width. For fanfic, please put a brief summary before the cut.

Fanfic/Fanart/Fanwork: Firstly, thank you for posting. When posting, please indicate the rating and tag the type of fanfiction/fanart/fanwork. For fics/fanart/fanwork rated NC-17 and above, if you do post directly in the comm, please member lock it.

♥ All media posts from henceforth, should be members locked. It means all posts containing any audio/video link for download have to be locked.

♥ If your linked post is going to be locked eventually, please indicate and use the #lock tag.

♥ Be civil to everyone and no bashing of other pairings.

Thank you. Let's spread the pikame ♥.


Active Mod: javvie
Mod: suguishi (head), nutty_a_hermit

Other Communities

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